‘Life in a day’ with Tharus

Three exclusive experiences that Chitwan offers will leave a lifelong impression on you. We club these three experiences together and call them ‘life in a day’. In this fast pacing world, this ‘life in a day’ experience will give you a peep into the world that hasn’t changed pretty much. Most of the day would be spent in walking inside the less explored areas of the National Park. Simultaneously it would open a small window into the secret life of animals dwelling in various habitats and reaching to a village of green pastures surrounded with the National Park on all sides. The day starts with a thirty minute Boat safari from the lodge towards the walking point.

Chitwan’s wilderness and the inexplicable Tharu Culture will form an all new perspective of the world flourishing in the forest. Walking safaris are conducted through the National Park for approximate five to six hours and is headed towards the small village of Tharus’ situated between the park’s Core and Buffer area. Meeting animals in their world and guided tours for watching the diverse birdlife of the region is a part of the experience. The walks are led by the resident naturalists and local guides who are endowed with immense knowledge of Chitwan’s wildlife. Your naturalists will guide you through some interesting animal trails bringing in notice fascinating plants, insects and laws of the land. The walk includes breakfast which is served in the jungle setup and an authentic Tharu lunch which is served on arrival at Madi village. Post lunch we would go for an evening jeep safari which will complete the events of the day.

About Madi

Locked in the forested hill from all four sides, Madi is a small valley of Tharus, Kumal, Bote separated from the mainland by two rivers and the National Park. Typical mud houses designed to keep one unaffected from the harsh sun of Terai and equally fit for winters scatter along the vistas of farms in this fertile region of the country. The village is still not well linked by means of transport or electricity and is liked for its timeless existence.

Golden Pool Hike

Golden pool, called (sun khola) in Nepalese, has a captivating history. It is here on the bed of the pool created by twenty feet high waterfall that the Tharus of Madi village discovered Gold (sunn). According to the history it was first called golden pool by Sir Jim Edward. The journey to the pool is no less enthralling than the beautiful waterfall destination located into the heart of jungle. The walk to Golden Pool is around 15kms and is quite an engaging hike that takes place near the course of the stream. The guests get a chance to spend plenty of time in the serenity of the hills and then start the journey way back. The safari vehicle is provided while returning.

The on foot safari is a one day excursion in the National Park with packed breakfast and lunch at scenic locations inside the park. The walk also exposes the explorer to unique habitats and places of historical significance and interest in the National Park.

Bush Dinner

We walk to an exciting place through the trails wherein a delighting dining setup awaits you. You get to dine in the natural surroundings close to forest near the river where the organic Nepalese delicacies and barbeque is served. An aureate bonfire and lanterns light up the trail and Bush Dinner Area. If you desire, the chef would be exclusively available to help you in preparing barbeque as per your taste. You may also enjoy the supper with card games and juggling


Shifting horizon, shrinking banks and finally a confluence where the warm water of Rapti mixes with the Himalayan Narayani. In a natural setting, viewing the merging rivers under the crimson sky, we have a sundowner exclusively organized for you. In the nature so unblemished that every breath of it can be felt, the naturalist accompanies you till the sundowner point, introducing you to the migrants and resident birds passing by. If you have ever desired for an exclusive time with your loved ones over sunsets and beaches, we ensure that the sundowner would be your dream come true. An offsetting sun, some oblivious flying birds and a rustling river would be the only ones to witness your presence as you call it a day with your favorite drink! You may choose to stay as long as the Sun accompanies you with its last fading rays! We would take the road while returning.


The villages form the core of any culture and its people represent the country. A trip to Barahi would not be just another wilderness experience but it would also bring you closer to the lives of our staff, most of whom are locals. We even formulate plans for you to spend some time at their home where ancestral customs of a warm welcome and treating guests as God is still in practice. Their unique dishes and ecological ways of cooking by putting resources to optimum use will leave you astonished. Each house is a self dependent unit for survival where interdependency of man and nature can be seen in every nook and corner. Spend some time with them and get exhilarated with their acquaintance. Being a guest of their family and enjoying a meal with them would be an equally joyful experience for you as well as for them. Not just great food, both men and women are great artisans and all the utilities for home making are created by the family itself. Their houses and their fields are a small world which they have built with their own hands. Learn traditional arts and crafts and get a hand-on experience with the choolah- the ancient stove that runs on coal and timber.

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