Our Elephants

Ranikali - The placid showstopper, Sundarkali - The food surfer, Madhumala - The respected one and Rangmala - The friend seeker. These are the four elegant female elephants of Barahi Jungle Lodge which complete our Barahi family. Their docility adds colours to our lodge and we are lucky to offer our guest a memorable experience of living in the company of earth’s biggest mammals. Elephants possess great memory and have their own ways to show affection like stealing bananas, picking their grass wisely from the dense jungles and above all when they spent time with each other swimming or lounging in the water.

Being a responsible lodge, we understand that keeping elephants is a great responsibility and to keep them healthy and happy is our top priority. Each elephant has two dedicated mahouts (care takers) supervised by an elephant camp in charge. The mahouts engage themselves with elephants by taking the elephants for morning and evening trips in the jungle where the elephants have the liberty to pick their favourite food. The elephants spend more than half of the day under the shade. While the elephants rest they are provided with their favourite sandwiches, a wrap of grass with grains, rice, rock sugar and molasses inside. This is as per the likes, dislikes and suggestions of the monthly doctor who looks after the health and diet plan of our elephants.

We request you to spend time with them and express your love by helping mahouts in preparing food with them for the elephants or accompany them for a little scrub as they go for river bath.

The love you will get in return from these four first ladies of Barahi Jungle Lodge is irreplaceable and unforgettable!

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