Wild Turmeric (Curcuma aromatic)

Wild Turmeric

On one such religiously done walks in the perimeters of the lodge we tumbled upon a difficult to ignore pink flower of thick wax coated petals, arranged close to each other and giving way to the more pink and white petals emerging from the stalk. This was just near our car washing area, and the plant must have been growing from long time but never caught our attention until its blooming stage. There are plenty of these and it is the Wild turmeric that grows in Himalayas and the Western Ghat.

Wild turmeric plant

The Plant: Wild turmeric has broad oval shaped leaves that can be long as 30 centimeters. Its use is widely recognized in Ayurveda to treat skin ailments and asthma.

The Habitat: The plant grows well in Himalayan habitat, though Chitwan is very hot and humid, the plant can be seen growing near the watering holes, like at the lodge it is only found near the car washing area and nowhere else.

Flowering: The plant flowers during the early summer time, which is the month of Feb-May in Chitwan.

Fact : Turmeric is a rhizome, it is a member of the Curcuma genus belonging to the family Zingiberaceae.


Courtesy : Vineeta Yadav

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