Snake Diaries

Chitwan has a rich snake fauna but since snakes are cryptic their sightings are very rare.

During pre-monsoon, when the humidity levels are high, most of the snakes tend to crawl out of their hidden places and often face conflicts with humans. Recently a Burmese Python was rescued from a farm near Barahi Jungle Lodge by our naturalist. The snake was then released in Chitwan National Park.


Five Facts about Burmese Python

  1. They are among the largest snakes on Earth.
  2. They can reach upto a length of 23 feet or even more and can weigh upto 200 pounds.
  3. When young, most of their time is spent on the trees. But as they grow in size and weight they mainly inhabit grounds.
  4. They are superb swimmers and can stay underwater upto half an hour.
  5. Solitary by nature, they are seen together during mating.

Photograph Courtesy : Saket Shrouti

Written by : Malvika Verma

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