Create your own Jungle Book at Chitwan National Park

`Want to create your own jungle book? Come to Chitwan National Park.

If you ever wished to live a day like Mowgli, then Barahi Jungle Lodge invites you to spend a day inside Chitwan National Park and brace yourself for the thrill in the tracks of a tiger, grunt of rhinos, chirpiness of the tailor bird, camping under a natural waterfall, hiking up to the hills and companionship of elephants!

Golden Pool

Jungle book is in 3D now, stirring up many childhood memories of the man cub Mowgli. At some point in life we have all acted Mowgli, felt the anxiety and got chills as and when our beloved character was estranged by his pack of wolves. We roared loud inside our hearts as he succeeded in twirling across the wines, dodged the snakes, tricked the monkeys and defeated all ‘bad characters’ with his wit. The Jungles of Central India brought Mowgli to life.

We have in Chitwan, all characters of the jungle book. The Baloo (Sloth Bear), Bagheera (The Leopard), Kaa (Rock Python), Darzi(Tailor Bird), Shere – Khan(Royal Bengal Tiger) along with some additions like the Hatti (Elephants), Gainda (The Rhinos). But this is not the only reason for you to pick Chitwan as your preferred jungle to be a Mowgli. The top most reason could be an opportunity to hike in the dense cover of canopies in search of tigers and getting rewarded by a million dollar knowledge about the forest floor. Here you can invest time in a lasting friendship with the elephants, ride on their back and together go for a dip into the river!


Not just wildlife, park has mythological places from the stories of Ramayana which are still visited by people once a year. You can slip into the bygone era of tribes living alongside rivers and discovering gold, quite literally. Passing through the jungle on the tracks of Rhino, walking alongside ravines, hills, swimming through the gorges you will reach this exquisite waterfall- named the Golden Pool, where you can have the experience of diving in the naturally cool and clear spring waters to wade away the tiredness of hike!


Next day you can spend a day, afternoon or morning you can create lasting bonds of friendship with elephants while watching them in playful moods. The four elephants of Barahi will take you by surprise with their beauty and little mischievousness with the mahouts. Befriend them, by making the best possible elephant sandwich for them, using the elephant grass and ingredients of the elephant’s choice.

Jungles of Nepal

With a million things to do, you can live like Mowgli for a day, creating something that will be your own Jungle Book!

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Courtesy : Vineeta Yadav

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