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The Great Hornbill is counted in the list of endangered birds of Nepal 0

Bird Watching in Chitwan

The month of February and March is an open invitation from the jungle to all birdwatchers. The forest is shedding its leaves giving a window view to the birds which may be otherwise are...

One horned Rhinoceros 0

What is a Rhino horn made of ?

The One horned Rhinoceros- What is a Rhino horn made of? Dispelling all beliefs of the traditional medicinal world it has long been proven scientifically that the rhino horn is all keratin – a...

Indian Rock Bee 0

In pursuit of Honey and Bee

The lodge is lucky to home Indian Rock Bee (Apis Dorsata) from two months now. On a warm afternoon of October, they swarmed up in the reception unexpectedly with their huge coordinated family conducting...