Beating Blues with Greens – Things to do in Chitwan

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After a deep slumber you open your eyes. The first thing you experience in the morning is not morning blues but greens. The first sound you listen to is the soft pitter-patter of the rain on the leaves. It’s drizzling outside but you don’t have to drive to work or worry about the traffic. Instead an Elephant is waiting for you to take you on a ride into the wild. While all this sounds impossible in a city it’s possible in Chitwan.

Why Chitwan?

For all the travelers who wonder where to head during monsoon, a peaceful retreat into the quaint Chitwan is the best way. Since Chitwan remains accessible throughout the year and ample numbers of domestic flights are available between Kathmandu and Chitwan.

Things to do in Chitwan National Park

There are a couple of activities to pick up when in Chitwan. While some remain available throughout the year few are closed during monsoon.

  • Elephant Safari – Ride on an Elephant’s back into the wilderness and experience the jungle’s vicinity. Elephant Safari is viable during monsoon also.
  • Jeep Safari – The most feasible and the traditional way to be into the wild is Jeep Safari. It remains closed during monsoon.
  • Escape the hustle of time management – Walk slowly through the dark woods. Nature Walk in the company of a trained naturalist is the best way to experience the nature up-close throughout the year.
  • Seeing Wildlife – Observe wildlife and witness new lives generating in monsoon. With abundant grass you can see One-horned Rhinoceros almost everywhere. Watch variety of birds and if lucky you can even spot a Sloth Bear or a Leopard.
  • Village Visit – Visit the local villages and learn about the local Tharu community.
  • Special time with the Elephants – It includes your special time with Elephants where you can feed them, bathe them and learn about these pachyderms.
  • Canoeing and the dramatic sky – One hour boat ride in the Rapti River and you will have a soul healing experience. Observe the crocodiles and wetland species. Conclude the boat ride with a sundowner and a dramatic sunset.
  • Reflective Learning – Learn about paddy plantation, stay close to nature.

Written by : Malvika Verma


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